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The Reward Foundation is a pioneering educational charity that looks at the science behind sex and love relationships. The brain’s reward system evolved to drive us to natural rewards such as food, bonding and sex. These all promote our survival.

Today, technology has produced ‘supernormal’ versions of those natural rewards in the form of junk food, social media and internet pornography. Our brains have not evolved to cope with the overstimulation this has caused. Society is experiencing an epidemic of behavioural disorders and addictions that threaten our health, development and happiness.

At the Reward Foundation we focus on internet pornography. We look at its impact on mental and physical health, relationships, attainment and criminality. Our aim is to make the supporting research accessible to non-scientists. Everyone should be able to make informed choices about the use of internet pornography. We look at the benefits of quitting porn based on research and the reports of those who have experimented with quitting it.  About Us

At The Reward Foundation you will find guidance on building resilience to stress and addiction. We are a registered Scottish charity established on 23 June 2014.

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email: info@rewardfoundation.org

Mobile: 0750 647 5204 and 07717 437 727

Management Team

Mary Sharpe The Reward FoundationChief Executive Officer

Mary Sharpe, Advocate, has been our Chief Executive Officer since March 2021. Since childhood Mary has been fascinated by the power of the mind. She calls on her wide professional experience, training and scholarship to help The Reward Foundation tackle the real issues of love, sex and the Internet.

Mary completed a Master of Arts degree at the University of Glasgow in French and German with psychology and moral philosophy. She followed this with a Bachelors degree in law. After graduation she practised as a solicitor and Advocate for the next 13 years in Scotland and for 5 years at the European Commission in Brussels. She then undertook post graduate work at the University of Cambridge and became a tutor there for 10 years. In 2012 Mary returned to the Faculty of Advocates, Scottish Bar, to refresh her court craft. In 2014 she went non-practising to set up the The Reward Foundation. She remains a member of the College of Justice and Faculty of Advocates.



The Reward FoundationBoard Members include ….

Dr Darryl Mead is the Chair of The Reward Foundation. Darryl is an expert on the internet and the information age.

He established the first free public internet facility in Scotland in 1996 and has advised the Scottish and UK governments on the challenges of our transition to a digital society. Darryl is a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals and an Honorary Research Associate at University College London.

In November 2019 Darryl ended his tenure as the CEO of the Board of The Reward Foundation and became our Chair.

Anne-Darling The Reward FoundationAnne Darling is a trainer and social work consultant. She provides Child Protection training at all levels to education staff in the independent school sector. 

Anne also delivers sessions to parents on all aspects of Internet Safety. She has been a CEOP ambassador in Scotland and help create the ‘Keeping Myself Safe’ programme for lower primary children.

Mo Gill The Reward foundations board memberMo Gill joined our Board in 2018. She is a highly motivated senior HR professional, Organisational Development specialist, Facilitator, Mediator and Coach. Mo has over 30 years’ experience of developing organisations, teams and individuals.

Mo has worked in the public, private and voluntary sectors in a range of challenging roles which align well with the work of The Reward Foundation.


We do not offer therapy.  We do signpost services who do. The Reward Foundation does not offer legal advice.

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About Us

About Us