CPD Training for Professionals

The Reward Foundation has been accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners of the United Kingdom to deliver training workshops on Pornography and sexual dysfunctions to healthcare and other professionals. Our training is evidence-based and includes the latest neuroscience and social science research in the emerging field of internet addiction. We use the term “sexual dysfunction” in a wide sense to include the impact of internet pornography on physical and mental health, relationships, attainment and relationships.  We are not providing in-person courses for the time being while we put our workshops online to reach a wider audience. The course will be launched by autumn 2022.

RCGP Training

We have delivered our training workshops to doctors and psychiatrists; nurses; sex clinic professionals; sexual health officers; primary and secondary school teachers; university students;  solicitors, advocates and judges; religious leaders; youth leaders; social workers including criminal justice social workers; senior prison managers, academics and civil servants.

The Reward Foundation does not offer therapy.