Internet Pornography Bundle, American Edition


The Reward Foundation has developed a fully resourced, integrated three-lesson set addressing the challenging subject of Internet Pornography for 15 to 18-year olds. Why are porn companies worth billions of dollars if the product is free? The lessons cover many aspects of internet pornography including mental and physical health, relationships,  attainment, and its economic basis to name a few. The resources will help teachers feel confident about discussing this subject matter.

Pornography on Trial, American Edition

Is pornography harmful? Pupils evaluate 8 pieces of real evidence for and against then present their conclusions and reasoning. No pornography is shown in this diversity friendly lesson. Using video interviews with former addicts and doctors, Twitter exchanges, World Health Organization guidance and more, this interactive lesson develops critical thinking and debating skills.

Love, Pornography and Relationships, American Edition

What makes for a trusting, intimate relationship?  What are the risks and rewards of pornography use over time? No pornography is shown in this diversity friendly lesson.

Pornography & Mental Health, American Edition

What impact does our pornography-influenced culture have on mental health? Adolescent body image? Levels of attainment?  Relationships? How can we cut back? What are good alternative activities to help us be successful?

The Great Porn Experiment, American Edition

In this lesson pupils will learn about the wide-ranging effects of internet pornography on the brain. It updates a popular TEDx talk The Great Porn Experiment by former science teacher Gary Wilson with the latest research that supports all the assertions made in the original talk.


In the Internet Pornography Bundle, American Edition we have selected four of the most important themes.  You can help pupils consider more consciously how pornography might be influencing them and what to do as a result. Our lessons are: Pornography on Trial (teacher-led and group work versions); Love, Pornography and Relationships; Pornography and Mental Health and The Great Porn Experiment.  See individual lessons of the same title for more details.

The Reward Foundation developed the lessons with the assistance of a range of experts including more than 20 teachers, youth leaders, psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, lawyers, police, including campus cops and many parents. We piloted these lessons in schools across the UK. One of the principal authors of the lessons was on the board of directors of the (American) Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health, 2016-2019.

Internet Pornography Bundle, American Edition allows you develop the discussion over four lessons. It lets pupils slowly unpack one of today’s most controversial cultural influences in a safe space. We give you practical, evidence-based materials to help you have confidence in teaching these subjects.

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