Sexting Bundle, International Edition


Empower your pupils with these lesson plans to allow them to consider different types of sexting and why the adolescent brain is so tempted by it. How can they avoid feeling bullied into sexting?

Introduction to Sexting

What is sexting? What are the risks and rewards of sexting? How does pornography use influence sexting? What app will help me deflect requests?

Pornography & the Adolescent Brain

Pupils learn about the key drivers of the brain, its strengths and vulnerabilities, during adolescent development. They discover how best to build their own brain to be a more successful person.

The Great Porn Experiment

In this lesson pupils will learn about the wide-ranging effects of internet pornography on the brain. It updates a popular TEDx talk The Great Porn Experiment by former science teacher Gary Wilson with the latest research that supports the assertions made in the original talk.


Our lesson plans in the sexting bundle, international edition, are suitable for ages 11-18 years. We introduce pupils to the fantastic, plastic adolescent brain with all its strengths and vulnerabilities around sex. Sexting can be abusive and lead to mental health problems as well as relationship difficulties. Knowing how their brain works helps pupils take better control of their behaviour. This bundle allows pupils to consider different types of sexting, why it tempts the adolescent brain, and what pupils can do about it.

With this sexting bundle, international edition, you can develop the discussion over two lessons. This lets pupils slowly unpack one of today’s most controversial cultural influences in a safe space. We provide practical, evidence-based materials as the basis for informed enquiry.

A range of experts assisted in the development of these lessons. These include more than 20 teachers, youth leaders, psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, and many parents. The bundle, along with the others in this series, has been piloted across the UK. One of the lead authors was a member of the board of management in the (American) Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health, 2016-2019.

The sexting bundle, international edition, consists of Introduction to Sexting and Pornography and the Adolescent Brain, both suitable for ages 11-18.  We also include an extra bonus lesson The Great Porn Experiment.

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