Sexting Bundle England


Empower your classes with these lesson plans which allow pupils to consider different types of sexting and why the adolescent brain is so tempted by it.

Introduction to Sexting

What is sexting? What are the risks and rewards of sexting? How does pornography use influence sexting? What app will help me deflect requests?

Pornography & the Adolescent Brain

Pupils learn about the key drivers of the brain, its strengths and vulnerabilities, during adolescent development. They discover how best to build their own brain to be a more successful person.

Sexting, the Law & You, England

Sexting, the Law & You is a lesson that explores the legal language of common sexting activities and introduces pupils to real life scenarios and how they are viewed by the legal authorities.

The Great Porn Experiment

In this lesson pupils will learn about the wide-ranging effects of internet pornography on the brain. It updates a popular TEDx talk The Great Porn Experiment by former science teacher Gary Wilson with the latest research that supports the assertions made in the original talk.


It would be easy to treat sexting as technology-assisted flirting. But, it is clearly more because of the widespread use of sexting in a bullying and domineering fashion. Bad sexting behaviour can cause chronic distress and long-term harm to some pupils, especially young women. This 3-lesson bundle allows pupils to consider the impact of different types of sexting. They will look at why the adolescent brain is so tempted by sexting. The lessons then move to the fact that it is illegal for them to engage in even if they consent, and what they can do about it.

The lessons have been developed with the assistance of a range of experts including more than 20 teachers, many experienced in developing training materials for schools, youth and community leaders, psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, lawyers, including those from the prosecution services, police, including campus cops and many parents. Our lesson plans do not constitute legal advice. They provide an overview of the some of the key legal issues around sexting. These lessons have been piloted across the UK. The lesson plans in Sexting Bundle England conform to the law of England and Wales.

Deep dive into sexting

This sexting bundle allows you develop the discussion over three lessons. It lets pupils slowly unpack one of today’s most controversial cultural influences in a safe space. We give you practical, evidence-based materials as the basis for informed enquiry.

Introduction to Sexting and Pornography and the Adolescent Brain are both suitable for ages 11-18. In Sexting, the Law & You we provide separate English law lessons tailored to the needs of younger and older pupils. We also include a bonus lesson The Great Porn Experiment.

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