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The reason schools need lessons on internet pornography and sexting is best summed up in this quotation…

Of all activities on the internet, porn has the most potential to become addictive,” say Dutch neuroscientists Meerkerk et al.

Our unique approach focuses on the impact of internet pornography on the adolescent brain. We are accredited as trainers by the Royal College of General Practitioners. For more details on porn’s impact on the brain we recommend the very accessible “Your Brain on Porn- Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction” by Gary Wilson. For more details see the sidebar on the right.

In the absence of age verification legislation and the likelihood of more lockdowns with children having free access to porn sites, The Reward Foundation has decided to make its set of 7 lessons available for free. No pornography is shown in any lesson. To examine the content of each lesson, go to the bundles page and click on the image of super bundles for your country. We have produced lessons in different editions to meet your needs, UK, American and International. We have an additional lesson tailored to the laws of England and Wales, and of Scotland.


Provide your pupils with a range of issues around internet pornography and sexting related to mental and physical health, body confidence, relationships, attainment, coercion, consent and legal liability. This is the best way to prepare them for life online and offline and to build resilience against potential long-term harms.

Internet Pornography

Our lessons offer 4 distinct, but interrelated aspects of this subject area. Pupils will have the opportunity to think critically about this topic using fun, interactive exercises, videos and opportunities for discussion in a safe space and signposts to resources for further support:

  • Pornography on Trial
  • Love, Pornography & Relationships
  • Internet Pornography and Mental Health
  • The Great Porn Experiment


We offer 3 distinct, but interrelated lessons in this subject area to cover the many different aspects of this challenging issue. Above all it teaches pupils about the unique features of their fantastic, adolescent plastic brain and how to make best use of it to be successful in life:

  • Introduction to Sexting
  • Sexting, Pornography and the Adolescent Brain
  • Sexting, the Law and You

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