How to Access Research

At The Reward Foundation we are keen to provide access to the latest and most relevant scientific evidence to support our readers in understanding love, sex, porn and the brain. In our Resources sections we provide the abstracts of scientific studies that we have read.

How to Access Research

How can I read the original research papers? How to Access Research

The most expansive source of research papers about this subject is on the website. There you can find open source papers (free to use) or abstracts and excerpts from papers that require payment for the full item.

Some scientific papers are available through open access and are free. We try to use those where possible.  However the majority appear in journals published by commercial companies. Access is limited by copyright. This means that you have to pay to have access to them. Very few people can afford to do this. Most journals are now published electronically and are available as both PDF files to download and as HTML files to read online. Most items are available on a pay-per-view basis. Most researchers make their papers available in a slightly modified form on Many researchers are willing to share a paper if you contact them directly.

Many large academic libraries subscribe to online journals, as do some parts of the National Health Service. Legal agreements mean that they can only provide access to their registered students and staff. Members of the general public in the United Kingdom are gradually getting access to material published in the UK through the British Library, the National Library of Scotland and the National Library of Wales. In these libraries access is only available to walk-in visitors. Always check in advance to see if you are able to have access before you travel.

A good starting place is always Explore the British Library.

People in Scotland can try the National Library of Scotland. If you are in Wales, the National Library of Wales should be your first stop.

The role of The Reward Foundation

On this website we will try to provide access to at least the abstract or summary of every paper we mention. We will also provide a link to the publisher or any free options you may have for reading. The plan is to extract the key information and relate it in a way that is accessible to most people.