Love, Sex and the Internet

Love, Sex and the Internet“What is love?” is one of the most searched for terms on the internet. The conclusion of the Grant Study, a 75 year-long research survey at Harvard University, was that “happiness is love”. It showed that warm relationships are the best basis for health, wealth and a long life.

By contrast, addiction, depression and neurosis are the biggest hurdles to this most desired state. Understanding the risks around internet porn use is important if we want to avoid slipping into addiction and find a satisfying love relationship instead. Getting a grip on love, sex and the internet really matters.

In this section The Reward Foundation explores the many different ways people interact throughout their lives. What makes relationships work? How can you fall in love and stay in love? What are the pitfalls which might trip you up?

We focus on the science of successful relationships.  In some cases you need to look at the underlying biology and brain science for it all to make sense. The Coolidge Effect is especially powerful.

We also provide a range of Resources to support your understanding of these issues.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash