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The reward foundation in the media

If you want to feature The Reward Foundation on your media platform, please contact our Press Office at [email protected]. We support quality journalism. All of our interviews are built on the latest research into the impact of pornography use on the individual and society. We can assist you in developing your story. We also have experience in writing opinion pieces for national newspapers and magazines.

Mary Sharpe has international experience as a press officer. She worked for several years in the European Commission for European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science. Commentaries and quotes for the media are available at short notice.

We featured in a front-page story in the Sunday Times Scottish Edition. This was picked up by agencies in over a dozen countries. We have also supplied featured content in The Guardian, The Telegraph and many UK and the Scottish tabloids.

The Reward Foundation has appeared many times in the media.
Below are some stories that featured our work.

Our YouTube Channel covers topics of current interest including Autism Spectrum Disorder and the future of scientific research into problematic pornography use.

The Reward Foundation does not offer therapy.

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