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In the Ukraine the government has yet to commit to any form of age verification to restrict access to pornography.

Ukraine’s biggest achievement is that at the beginning of 2021 they criminalised the storage and viewing of child sexual abuse materials by web users based in the Ukraine, as well as grooming. They operate a system for taking down child sexual abuse material in collaboration with the Internet Watch Foundation.

Additionally, in early 2021, the Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Child Rights, published the results of local research into internet pornography use by children.


of children saw pornographic content for the first-time between the ages of 8 to 10 years.

  • About ¾ of children reached pornographic content through the ads on the websites
  • Just over half saw pornography on social networks, and 20% saw it in online games.

The first book written to support parents provide online safety to Ukrainian children has just been published.


Діти та батьки в інтернеті

The #Stop_Sexting Educational Project is working well. Tools they offer include a personal fairytale for preschool children, games for 6-9 y.o. and 9-12 y.o. children and an interactive discussion for teens.

The key message in these educational initiatives is that children’s access to pornography is detrimental to their psychological health. Parents agree with this and are beginning to learn how to put parental controls into operation.