TRF in Podcasts

Recently The Reward Foundation has been contributing to a variety of podcasts and other programmes streamed over the internet. These include work directed towards audiences in the UK as well as items around the world.

Everything featured here is NOT available on our YouTube channel. There are lots of good things over there, so please check out out over there as well.

Questioning Pornography Podcast

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Mary Sharpe, the CEO of The Reward Foundation, speaks to the effect of pornography on people with autism, increasing consumption of child sexual abuse material, and the rise in rates of sexual strangulation and “rough sex gone wrong”. She discusses their new paper and what legal and health policy considerations governments can implement, including age verification, to help reduce harm.

Sources for further learning:

Mary Sharpe & Darryl Mead’s new paper: Problematic Pornography Use: Legal and Health Policy Considerations

New Culture Forum

How Worried Should We Be About Internet Pornography? Should, or can, anything be done? Mary Sharpe joins the panel in this popular programme. The New Culture Forum launched this programme on their YouTube channel on 19 February 2021.

SMNI News Channel

SMNI News Channel in the Philippines interviewed Darryl Mead and Mary Sharpe for their special series on Evils of Pornography in the internet. The programme is in the Filipino language with the sections featuring the Reward Foundation in English.