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There is no explicit age verification legislation for pornographic websites in Hungary. Our Hungarian correspondent has not heard of any government intention to pass new laws in this area.

In theory, pornographic material could be regulated under existing Hungarian laws. They cover the suitability of material for children. Anything what should not be seen by people under the age of 18 – like pictures of a terrible accident or sexually explicit images – should come with a warning saying that “this is content for adults. Are you an adult or not?” And you can press the button ‘yes’ so you can go to the content. If not, you don’t have access. However, enforcement of this type of access control is minimal.

Still, in Hungary there is age verification for gambling. Before a player can join in, the host must identify the person and register his or her details in a database. Age must be proven by an identity card or other official document. If age can’t be verified, or if the person is under the age of 18, they must be prevented from gambling.

Sexual laws

In Hungary, an act of parliament was adopted this year to prevent homosexual and transgender material being shown and talked about in the public media or education, where it could be accessed by under 18s. The Hungarian government also passed legislation imposing heavier sentences for paedophiles. They also established a sex offenders’ register.  These changes met with considerable public opposition. At present the government does not seem to be prepared to extend sexual laws any further.  There will be elections in April 2022.

Reward Foundation in Hungary

Our late colleague’s book, Your Brain on Porn by Gary Wilson, is available in Hungarian. The Reward Foundation presented at an international conference in Budapest hosted by the Ministry of Justice and NGO ERGO in early December 2018.

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