Recommended Videos

Videos are a quick way to access the basic science about the harms of viewing internet porn.  Below are some videos we recommend.  (They do not contain any pornography.)

The Great Porn Experiment

In 2012 Gary Wilson responded to Philip Zimbardo’s challenge with ‘The Great Porn Experiment’. It sets out the evidence of heavy consumption of internet pornography as one of the likely causes of the general decline in the performance of boys.  ‘The Great Porn Experiment’ has now been viewed on YouTube more than 16 million times and has been translated into 18 languages (running time 16:28).

The Demise of Guys

The Stanford University psychologist Philip Zimbardo has been a big influence on thinking about the influences which are making boys less successful at school. In ‘The Demise of Guys’ he asks why the performance of boys seems to be declining in the modern world (running time 4:43).

Ask a Neurosurgeon About the Impact of Internet Porn on the Brain

This in-depth TV interview with neurosurgeon Dr. Donald Hilton is worth watching (running time: 22:20).

TRF in Istanbul

In 2016 members of The Reward Foundation spoke at the 3rd International Conference on Technology Addiction in Istanbul, Turkey. Darryl Mead spoke on The risks young people face when they become porn consumers (running time 12.07).

Mary Sharpe looked at Strategies to prevent internet porn addiction (running time 19.47).

Our Honorary Research Officer, Gary Wilson, spoke on Eliminating chronic internet porn use reveals its effects (running time 17.24).

Your Brain on Porn: How Internet Porn Affects the Brain

This 2015 video presentation is an update and extension of Gary Wilson’s original TEDx talk (running time: 1 hr 10 mins).

Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

As porn-induced erectile dysfunction is one of the most worrying problems for young men and couples, it is worth watching this presentation from 2014 to understand what happens in the brain and genitals when we indulge in too much hyper-stimulating material. It can be cured in most cases over many months when a user quits porn and lets the brain recover (running time: 55:37).

The Science of Pornography Addiction

asapSCIENCE have created this really accessible storyboard.  ‘The Science of Pornography Addiction’ is a clear summary of the how and why pornography can be addictive (running time 3:07).

The Adolescent Brain Meets High-Speed Internet Porn

If you’re interested in the unique features of the young person’s brain from c 12 years-25 years and the impact of internet pornography on that sensitive brain, watch this presentation (running time: 33 mins).

Measuring the Effects of Pornography

Gary Wilson takes us through the way that poor research questionnaire design can produce illogical results on the health effects of using internet pornography (running time 6:54).

Gary Wilson's critique of the Pornography Consumption Effect Scale Hald and Malamuth 2008

The Pleasure Trap

A great TEDx talk looking at the underpinning science of porn addiction is Douglas Lisle’s ‘The Pleasure Trap’ (running time 17:10).

The Difference between Pleasure and Happiness

In this video by the University of California TV called “The Hacking of the American Mind”,  neuro-endocrinologist Robert H Lustig explains in simple terms the difference between pleasure and happiness as a function of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. It looks at every day life and the push and pull factors that influence our priorities for better or worse. It summarises his new book “The Hacking of the American Mind: The Science Behind the Corporate Takeover of Our Brains and Bodies. (Running time: 32:42).

A Cup of Tea

Want to know about consent and sex? When does ‘No’ mean ‘NO!’ Find out with ‘A Cup of Tea’ (clean version, Running time 2:50)

Want to see more?

A great place to look is ‘‘ where Gary Wilson has assembled an excellent set of links to more helpful videos about the science of porn addiction.