Resources for Teens

Resources for Teens the reward foundationYes, it’s totally natural for teens to be curious about sex, especially during and after puberty, but the type of sex that appears in online pornography is not designed to help you find your true sexual identity or learn about loving sexual relationships. Instead its purpose is to arouse such strong emotions in you that you want to keep going back for more.  Resources for teens

Internet pornography is a commercial industry worth billions of pounds. It exists to sell you advertising and gather personal information about you that can be sold to other companies for profit. There’s no such thing as a free porn website. There are risks to your mental and physical health, relationship development, attainment at school and to involvement in criminal offending.

The reason that sexually arousing material is restricted for children, anyone under 18 years of age, is not to spoil your fun, but to protect your brain at a critical time of your sexual development. Just because you have easy access to pornography through the internet, does not mean it is harmless or helpful.

Hooked on porn

What is it like to be one of the many teens hooked on porn?  How do you get away from porn?  Here is some advice from recovering addicts Gabe Deem and Jace Downey.

Mental effects of porn

The mental effects of pornography are particularly serious when you are a teen. They can affect you for years to come. Today is the best day to learn more and begin a journey to improve your life without porn!

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