Resources for Adults

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In ‘Resources for adults’ we set out some good starting points for someone who wants to turn away from porn-focused behaviour.

Overuse of internet pornography can lead to physical and mental health problems in some people.

A great place to start is to listen to the story of Gabe Deem, the man who established Reboot Nation. Here is Gabe speaking at an event on Twisting Masculinity: The Harms of Pornography to Young Boys and Men for the National Centre on Sexual Exploitation in Washington DC (12.30).

Research indicates that the numbers with problems are on the rise. This website provides information that can help you work out if your use has become problematic and what you can do about it. Is it affecting your mental or physical health? Is it causing problems for relationships? Is it affecting your ability to concentrate on your studies or at work? Are you watching material that you previously found disgusting or doesn’t match your sexual identity?

Our colleagues at The Naked Truth Project have produced the foillowing short animation based on Jason and Ulysses from Greek mythology with lots of ideas on how to avoid the siren call of internet pornography (2.45).