Social Innovation in the 21st Century – Beyond Welfare Capitalism? was the title of the 8th International Social Innovation Research Conference 2016 (ISIRC). It took place in Glasgow from 5-7th September, hosted by Glasgow Caledonian University. What a great event! TRF participated fully. Our workshop was called Using a social enterprise to expose internet pornography as a public health issue. An abstract is available here. You can find us on page 7. It produced some great discussion and helpful ideas from the participants who attended. We were well tweeted about too.

We have also submitted an academic paper of the same name. One of the senior academic leads at the conference, Dr. Michael Roy, declared it “astounding!” We think he meant it in a good way, as he is keen to help us get it published in a good academic journal. We’ll keep you posted on that one.

Social enterprise and social innovation as academic disciplines are new areas for us. At the ISIRC we attended some really interesting workshops that sparked new insights and helped us see where our work on behavioural addiction can be relevant to the work of other social innovators too.