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The Turkish Green Crescent Society, Yeşilay, equivalent of the Red Cross, invited The Reward Foundation to Turkey. We spoke at their biennial conference on Technology Addiction in Istanbul, 3-4 May 2016. First Lady of Turkey, Emine Erdoğan, opened the event. She was accompanied by the Minister of Education and other senior officials from across government. There was an audience of over 1,000 healthcare professionals and teachers from all over Turkey, which has a population of almost 80 million people.

Darryl gave a presentation on ‘The Risks Young People Face as Consumers of Internet Pornography’. Mary did a talk on ‘Prevention Strategies – Models from UK, US and Australia.’

We were also invited to contribute articles to the society’s journal, Addicta. Darryls’s talk has now been published in Addicta. It was a great opportunity to meet others in the field such as Professor Mark Griffiths from Nottingham Trent University. Professor Griffiths is a world expert on behavioural addictions.

We were warmly received and given the finest hospitality including dinner at the headquarters of Yeşilay. This is a former Ottoman Palace on the banks of the Bosphorus, the sea boundary between Europe and Asia. The most delightful surprise was when the President of Yeşilay, psychiatrist Professor Dr. Mücahit Öztürk suggested translating into Turkish Gary Wilson’s book Your Brain on Porn. Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction, which we use as the basis of our work on problematic use of internet pornography.

Yes, we were also all presented with a take-home gift of real Turkish delight. Yum.

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