Super Bundles

To provide your pupils with the best all round learning about internet pornography and sexting, we recommend you use the super bundle of lessons.

To examine the content of each lesson, click on the bundle image. If you wish to only have lessons on internet pornography only or on sexting only, see the relevant choices below.

The lessons are available in a UK edition, American Edition and International (British English) Edition.

All Reward Foundation lessons are also available for free from

Internet Pornography Bundles

The internet pornography set contains three lessons dealing with different aspects of pornography. We have added in a free bonus lesson too.

Is pornography harmful? Part one is a fun, interactive lesson where pupils act as a jury to assess 8 pieces of evidence for and against, from a wide range of sources including medical ones, before reaching a reasoned conclusion. Useful for showing to school inspectors and parents.

The second part looks specifically at mental health impacts of pornography and how it affects attainment and self confidence. It also looks at the multi-billion dollar pornography industry and how it makes money when its products are (mainly) free.

Part three investigates what makes for true intimacy in relationships. What effect does a porn habit have on consent, coercion, expectations and sexual performance?

The bonus lesson is an update of a very popular TEDx talk called "The Great Porn Experiment" that helps pupils understand how science investigates social activities like free, streaming internet pornography and how this massive, unregulated social experiment is affecting sexual health. It explains the science in a very accessible way and offers hope for those who have become snared by porn.

Together they cover a lot of key material based on the latest evidence allowing for discussion of these challenging topics in a safe space.

Sexting Bundles

Sexting is a more diverse subject than appears at first sight. This set lets teachers to explore the various issues with pupils over three lessons in a safe space with ample opportunity for discussion and learning.

For the UK edition, we have a 3-part bundle. The first part takes pupils through different types of sexting, asks about risks and rewards, and how to deflect requests. The second part teaches pupils about  the unique features of their adolescent brain, why it has such an appetite for all things sexual including porn, sexting and risk taking. The third part deals with what those sexting risks look like from a legal point of view. How does the law treat sexting in your country? What impact does it have on future jobs if reported to the police?

Because of the differences in law in other countries, the American and International editions do not contain the third section on law. Those bundles have two sections on sexting. However we had added in a free bonus lesson on internet pornography, called "The Great Porn Experiment" based on a popular TEDx talk.

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