Services for Schools

As a pioneering sex and relationship education charity, we offer quality services for schools.  We use the latest evidence about pornography’s effects on children and young adults to deliver interactive lessons for pupils from age 11 to 18 years as part of the PSHE/SRE curriculum. We provide age-appropriate materials for pupils to help them navigate the online environment today. By being aware of the health, legal and relationship impacts of bingeing on internet pornography, they can avoid becoming snared by it or seek out help if they do. We also empower parents to have that talk with their children at home on this tricky topic. Our own interviews recorded with medical and legal experts and recovering users make the lessons more real. We signpost tools and support for parents and teachers. The materials are also suitable for faith-based schools.


“Mary gave a superb talk to our boys on the topic of pornography: it was balanced, non-judgemental and highly informative, helping to equip our students with the knowledge they need in order to make informed choices in their lives.”

Stefan J. Hargreaves, Master in Charge of Seminar, Tonbridge School, Tonbridge

“I believe that our pupils need a safe space where they can freely discuss a range of issues related to sex, relationships and the accessibility of online pornography in the digital age.”

Liz Langley, Head of Personal and Social Education, Dollar Academy

Age Verification

Internet pornography can have a range of impacts on health, behaviour and attainment on children today. You may know too that the UK legislation on age verification in the Digital Economy Act 2017 is expected to come into force around the end of 2019. The Government has not yet announced an exact date. The effect will be to make it more difficult for children to access this material. Experts are concerned that for some children who have already become heavy users there may be some mental health implications. If you think there is a risk of this in your school, perhaps we can assist you.

We are a sex and relationship educational charity using the latest neuroscience and social science research along with sound pedagogical principles. Our workshops for professionals are accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners. We deliver whole year sessions on risks of pornography use for pupils from age 12 to 18 years as part of the PSHE or Citizenship curriculum. Our approach is to provide evidence for pupils to help them exercise critical thinking skills and develop their own judgment. We also empower parents to be able to engage effectively with their children at home and signposting useful resources. We are often invited by BBC TV and Radio and the national press to comment on this subject.

The Reward Foundation offers a variety of lessons and talks. No pornography is shown. The discussions are tailored to fit the age group. Please see details below. The launch of lessons plans for teachers to use will be announced in the coming weeks.


Services for schools Mary Sharpe, Darryl Mead, Suzi BrownThe presenters of our services for schools are Ms. Mary Sharpe, Advocate, Dr. Darryl Mead and Mrs. Suzi Brown. Ms. Sharpe has a background in psychology and practiced law as a member of the Faculty of Advocates in Scotland and in Brussels. She spent eight years as a graduate tutor at the University of Cambridge running evidence-based workshops on sustaining peak performance. Dr. Mead is an expert in information technology and trained as one of the Scottish Government’s Digital Champions. Until 2015, he was deputy head of the National Library of Scotland. He is also a trained teacher. Suzi Brown is a teacher with 7 years’ experience of teaching PSHE in English schools and was Assistant Housemistress at Bishop’s Stortford College, Hertfordshire for 5 years. We are members of the Scottish Government’s scheme for Protecting Vulnerable Groups and have completed Child Protection training.

If you would like to consider our services for your school, please contact Mary Sharpe, at or by telephone at 07717 437 727.

Our Services

We work with both single and mixed gender groups. Materials are diversity-friendly. All talks and lessons can be 40-60 minutes long to fit with your timetable leaving time for questions.

General Introduction to the Impact of Internet Pornography on:

  • the adolescent brain
  • risks to physical and mental health; educational attainment, criminality, relationships
  • video interviews with young porn addicts who have recovered
  • how to build resilience and where to get help

Sex and the Media:

  • know the motivations behind advertising, film and pornography
  • recognize the potential consequences of pornography addiction
  • understand all things are given a value – the value of a person is above everything else
  • understand sex matters because people matter

Sex and Identity:

  • explore what it means to be sexual beings (including information about sexual development)
  • know and understand the different sexual labels being used
  • understand each person is unique and special
  • realise that sexuality and sexual labels or behaviour do not define us

Sex and Consent – Freedom to Choose:

  • know the law with regard to sexual consent
  • clarify how consent works in relationships
  • know that each person has a choice and a voice and how to use these
  • understand each person has a value
  • understand that good relationships foster open communication and mutual respect

Parental Talk:

  • how the pornography industry has changed and its effect on this generation
  • ways to talk to your children
  • the effects of compulsive use of pornography on health, attainment, relationships and criminality
  • strategies, in cooperation with school, to help children build resilience to harms associated with internet pornography

 PRICES: For talks £500 plus travelling expenses.

Other Services for Schools

Secondary Schools
S2 and S4: Sexting: the health and legal issues 
  • How the adolescent brain learns
  • Why the adolescent brain is vulnerable to overstimulation from bingeing
  • Legal case studies about adolescents charged with sexting offences
  • Video interviews with young porn addicts who have recovered
  • How to build resilience and where to get help
S5/6: Pornography on Trial
  • Effects on attainment and productivity
  • Risks of behavioural addiction and sexual dysfunction
  • Critiquing the influence of the pornography industry as part of the ‘attention economy’
24-Hour Digital Detox in 2 sessions c.7 days apart: The exercise covers all internet use
  • Part 1 includes initial discussion about research on “persuasive design”, on instant gratification and self-control; tips on doing the detox
  • Part 2, debrief on what they experienced from trying this 24-hour detox during the intervening week
  • See news stories about digital detoxes/screen fasts with S4 and S6 pupils at Edinburgh school.
Primary Schools
Awareness about Potential Harms from Internet Pornography (P7 only):
  • My Plastic Brain: understand the job of the old and new brain (wanting and thinking)
  • Recognize how the brain responds to the environment and learns habits
  • Understand how online sexual imagery can upset my thoughts; what to do if I see videos and pictures that upset me
24-Hour Digital Detox in 2 sessions c.7 days apart: The exercise covers all internet use
  • Part 1 includes initial discussion about how the internet can stop us wanting to connect with others and rob us of our sleep; tips on doing the detox
  • Part 2  discussion about what they experienced trying this 24-hour detox during the intervening week
Support for Parents
  • Talk to parents about latest evidence around harms and strategies for dealing with problems. This helps break the ice for discussions at home
  • Strategies, in cooperation with school, to help children build resilience to harms associated with internet pornography in particular

Please contact us for a free written quotation. The Reward Foundation can also provide custom-designed lessons to meet your needs. 

Prices are VAT free and will include all travel within the central belt of Scotland and materials.

The Reward Foundation does not offer therapy.