Listen to this interesting Sheffield Wire podcast “Things you wish you learnt in school” by journalist students at Sheffield University discussing lessons around pornography. In it TRF CEO, Mary Sharpe and Chair, Darryl Mead, share what they have learned about this all important subject from the research and their work in schools. There are also contributions from students talking about how pornography has affected their life and attitudes. We  hear too from a young male teacher developing sex ed materials in schools today.

For more information about our free lesson plans for schools that are available for different nations in the UK as well as an American and an international version, see here. So important for children to know about the legal issues around sending nudes images around or posting them to social media. It can result in a conviction or a caution from the police that stays on their police record as a sexual offence for 100 years. This could seriously affect their career options at a later stage.

Porn strongly influences sexual behaviour too whether by ignoring real life relationships or to cause users act out the violence and coercion they see in porn videos. It is easy to become desensitised to real life partners because porn produces much stronger (artificial) stimulation that real life can’t easily match. The constant novelty shapes sexual tastes too and leads people into areas of porn that doesn’t match their original taste.

Too many children today are suffering mental health issues directly related to their porn use. We know this because they often recover when they quit porn. But it takes time and often requires help with therapists. Many develop physical health issues, such as arousal dysfunction that only shows up in their late teens or in problems with over-rubbing their genitals. Needless to say, the constant sexual arousal and sexual fantasy can result in poor sleep and affect a user’s ability to concentrate on school or college work that seems way too boring by contrast.

If you are an adult working in this space and want more training about pornography’s impact on sexual health, mental and physical, have a look at our online training course that has been accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners and is worth 6 continuing professional development points.

If you are a parent or carer, see our free parents’ guide to internet pornography.