Love, Pornography and Relationships, American Edition


What makes for a trusting, intimate relationship?  What are the risks and rewards of pornography use over time? No pornography is shown in this diversity friendly lesson.


Love, Pornography and Relationships, American Edition is a fully-resourced, teacher-led lesson suitable for 15-18 year olds. The pack includes slides with embedded videos, links to research papers where appropriate, and signposting to more resources about porn use. These will provide you with all the information you need to speak confidently about the subjects raised.

Pupils will consider the issues with the help of a fun cartoon and a video interview with young guy who explains his experiences with porn use. Pupils will have ample opportunity to discuss these important questions in a safe space. They work in pairs or small groups with feedback in a class discussion.

Love, Pornography and Relationships, American Edition is the second of our three lessons on Internet Pornography. It can be taught as a stand-alone lesson or in combination with the first lesson Pornography on Trial and followed by Pornography and Mental Health. All lessons are available together in a bundle on internet pornpraphy, or in a superbundle with sexting.

Our lesson development process

One of the lead authors of these lessons was a board member of the (American) Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health from 2016-2019. The Reward Foundation has worked with a range of experts including more than 20 teachers, lawyers, law enforcement officers, youth and community leaders, psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists and many parents. We have piloted the lessons in schools across the UK.

Resources: 14-slide PowerPoint (.pptx) with 2 embedded videos with sound and a 12-page Teacher’s Guide (.pdf). There are hot links to relevant research and further resources.

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